How to remove water from your phone speakers


Most smartphones nowadays have some degree of water resistance or an IP rating to protect the device from accidental spills and water damage.

However, even with water resistance, sometimes water can enter inside and damage the internals of your phone.

When water enters your phone, you will start hearing muffled sounds from the speakers. This is an indication of water damage on your smartphone.

While going to the service center to get your phone repaired is always recommended, but it can cost you a lot when your device is out of warranty.

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However, there are some tricks that you can try to remove water from the inside of your phone speakers.

In this article, we will tell you how to remove water from your phone speaker.

Use the speaker cleaner feature in your phone settings

Some phone manufacturers provide a feature in the settings that allows you to clean the speaker inside your smartphone and remove all the foreign particles from it.

This is done by playing a loud, high-pitched sound at full volume to remove any dust, water, or other particles located inside phone speakers.

Search for the speaker cleaner or clear speaker option in the Settings app of your phone to use this feature

Use a third-party app to remove water from your phone speaker

In case your smartphone does not have an inbuilt speaker cleaner feature, then you can download a third-party app to remove water from your phone speaker.

At the same time, you might think that playing a video or a song at full volume will do the same thing. However, that’s not the case since these apps have been specially developed to clean the speaker on your phone.

They work by playing a high-pitched sound at full volume to remove all the foreign particles from your phone speakers.

You can find many apps with the name speaker cleaner on the Play Store and App Store, or you can just download one of these apps and try using it to fix your phone speakers.



After using the app, you can play a song to check whether the sound from your speaker is muffled or not.

In case the sound is still not clear, then you can repeat the process two to three times to ensure that the speaker gets thoroughly cleansed.

Keep your phone outside to let the water dry

In case the water doesn’t get removed even after playing those high-pitched sounds, then you can wait for the water to dry out completely.

There are chances that water didn’t seep deep inside your phone speakers, and it could be evaporated if you keep it outside in the sun (not recommended for a long duration as it can heat up your phone).

You can also try leaving it in a room that is under the average room temperature for the entire day to ensure that water evaporates. Make sure that the speaker is in an upside-down position while you do so.

There is also the classic trick of leaving your phone to dry in a packet full of dry uncooked rice for a certain period (approx 12 to 24 hours or even a few days). This works most of the time because rice can suck every bit of liquid or moisture around it.

These are all the ways you can follow to remove the water from the phone’s speaker.

In case any of these methods do not work, then it is strongly advised to visit the service center as soon as possible to ensure that your phone does not get damaged any further due to the water inside.

Even if your phone is certified with an IP rating, there are high chances of it getting damaged from liquids if you are not careful enough.

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