How to Use Telegram Without Phone Number


Telegram is arguably one of the most feature-rich messaging apps available out there. Made by the Russian developer Pavel Durov, it is one of the apps that’s widely used across the world for several purposes.

To use Telegram, you need to sign up and log in to the app. However, for whatever reason, if you don’t want to give out your personal contact number for signing up, there’s still a way you can access and use Telegram.

This is unlike other instant messaging apps that require you to use your contact number or SIM card to sign up. And by the way, there’s no need for a SIM card as well to use Telegram, and no, it won’t ask for your email.

So how exactly does Telegram let you sign up and log in to the app without any personal credentials? Is it official and safe?

Well, Telegram’s makers have smartly involved a blockchain process in this that ensures things and safe and of course, official since Telegram itself wants you to try this new method of signing up.

Telegram allows users to log in to the app using a blockchain-based platform called Fragment. Fragment is founded by nonother than Pavel Durov, the one who owns Telegram.

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And since the platform is based on blockchain technology, it is decentralized and comparatively safer. That said, in order to log in to Telegram without your phone number or SIM card, you need to head to Fragment and purchase an anonymous number.

Following is the full process of getting an anonymous contact number for Telegram and using it to log in to the app.

How to Buy an Anonymous Number and Use it to Log in to Telegram

Before we get started, do note that this method isn’t free. Also, before you get the number and log in to Telegram, you’ll have to create a Tonkeeper account and buy TON (The Open Network or Telegram Open Network) coins. With all that kept in mind, let’s get started.

Make a Tonkeeper Account and Purchase TON

1. Download the Tonkeeper app on your Android or iOS device from PlayStore/App Store.

2. Open the app and sign up.

3. Once you are in the app and on the home screen, tap on Buy.

4. Select any of your preferred wallets. For instance, we tried Neocrypto.

5. Enter your contact number and fill in all the required documents. For verification, the app will ask for Identity documents (Passport, Driver’s license, etc.) and will take a selfie.

6. Once you provide the required documents and get them verified, you can purchase TON with your credit card.

Note: Minimum purchase on the platform is 15 TONs.

After you purchase TON, follow the steps below to purchase an anonymous number from Fragment.

Purchase an Anonymous Number on Fragment

1. Open the Fragment website on your phone or PC.

2. Scroll through all the anonymous numbers. Tap on the one you want.

3. All the numbers will start with +888. You’ll now have to place a bid or directly buy for the listed price, in case you are alright with paying a big amount.

4. When trying to place a bid or if directly purchasing, you will need to scan a code and verify using OTP.

After you purchase an anonymous number, follow the steps below to log in to Telegram.

Sign up and Log in to Telegram Without a Phone Number or SIM Card

1. Open the Telegram app on your Android or iOS device. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version.

2. Enter the anonymous number you just purchased on Fragment and continue by tapping on Next.

3. You’ll then receive an OTP on Fragment. Enter the OTP to finish the signup process.

Now, you’ll be officially logged in to Telegram without using your phone number or email address. That’s how easily you can log in to Telegram without a phone number or SIM.

Alternatively, you can also connect Fragment directly to Telegram to sign up.

Although the process is a bit lengthy, it is worth the shot since you don’t need to use your personal contact number. However, it is worth noting that in this process, you end up creating two accounts, one on Fragment and the other on Tonkeeper. But this is the official method and safe as well, as noted by Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions for Telegram, Fragment, and Tonkeeper

What is Telegram used for?

Telegram is mostly used for instant messaging but also for downloading movies and shows and for sharing information through channels and groups. It is fast and more secure than most other instant messaging apps.

Who Owns Telegram?

Telegram is owned by Pavel Durov, who is a Russian-born entrepreneur.

Is Telegram a Russian app?

Telegram was launched by Russian brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov in 2013, so technically, it is a Russia-based app. However, it was banned and removed from Yandex (Russia’s search engine). But then the ban was uplifted in 2020.

What is Fragment?

Fragment is a blockchain-based platform where users can trade anonymous numbers and usernames that can be used to sign up on Telegram.
It uses TON, which is a digital currency on the blockchain platform used to purchase and bid for anonymous numbers on Fragment.

Who owns Fragment?

Fragment, the Telegram auction platform, is owned by Pavel Durov.

What is TON?

TON stands for The Open Network, which is a blockchain-based decentralized computer network technology developed by the team behind Telegram.
It was previously known as Telegram Open Network, but after litigation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the ‘Telegram’ name was withdrawn and was switched with ‘The’, making it The Open Network.
Telegram uses TON on the Telegram auction platform Fragment.

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