7 Tools to Create Your Own Custom Fonts


Have you ever wanted a font that is unique and exclusive to you? If yes, then creating a custom font is your answer.

Creating custom fonts can be a fun and creative process, as it allows you to design and create something that is unique and has your own style.

There are multiple software applications available for creating custom fonts on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here we present you the best tools to create your own custom fonts.

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Best Tools for Creating Your Own Custom Fonts

1. BirdFont

Birdfont is one of the best tools to make custom fonts in Windows without prior experience. It’s free, open-source software that offers multiple features with tutorials.

The interface is simple. If you have ever used any graphical tool in Windows like MS Paint or Paint 3D, you will not have any difficulty with BirdFont.

You can even draw in the software or draw on paper and upload it as background. Also, the application allows you to import SVG icons to make your group of words and icons.

It also supports files from other drawing applications like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and many more.

Price: Free

2. FontForge

FontForge offers a full-fledged tool with multiple creative options. It’s free, open-source software for people who want to get their hands on some advanced stuff.

You will get multiple layers options like Photoshop and GIMP for some extra adjustment.

Also, it gives you a feature called Spiro mode which helps you to draw perfect curves.

The biggest strength of the FontForge is its support. You’ll get regular updates for the application through their active GitHub page. You can also write scripts to add new features or modify fonts.

To get a quick start, you can also import EPS and SVG files from other software.

After finishing, you can export your file in almost any format as per your preference. FontForge looks like some vintage software. But, some users praise its simple old-school design.

Price: Free

3. Microsoft Font Maker

If you don’t want advanced custom font editing, then Microsoft Font Maker is the best tool to get started. It is available on Microsoft Store. And unlike other bigger applications, it doesn’t take much time to install on your Windows PC.

Their user interface is simple to use, but still, Microsoft provides step-by-step tutorials for newbies.

Although Microsoft didn’t offer many tools and features with this software, you can still do some basic stuff like adjustment of space and changing the font size.

So, it’s excellent for people who want to learn and do some quick editing.

Price: Free

4. FontStruct

FontStruct allows you to explore your creativity with its vast customizable options. It’s an excellent tool for people who want to create custom fonts from scratch.

This tool allows you to create your fonts with some basic geometric shapes like squares and circles. You can make new fonts with FontStruct with just a few simple clicks.

It doesn’t support uploading handwritten fonts. But you can add any font from their website to your account.

As it’s a web-based tool, you require a reliable Internet connection for smooth editing. You must sign-up if you want to use this tool.

Price: Free

5. BitFonter 3

BitFonter 3 is also an excellent tool for creating custom fonts. This tool is not free and costs $149.00, but it has built-in image editing tools and controls to get the desired results you want.

In BitFonter, you can adjust every pixel of your fonts and create anything with your creativity.

Some users also use it to give special effects on their fonts. As it allows users to customize on a micro level, it’s primarily used to optimize a font in low resolution.

The only drawback of this software is that you cannot directly create colored fonts. However, you can edit the color in it by re-importing your color file into the software. Then, when you’re done with color editing, you can export the file in any format.

Price: $149

6. Calligraphr

Calligraphr is the best tool to convert handwriting or calligraphy into fonts. You can access their premium version for additional tools and customization options, but the free version is also great for beginners.

If you want to create your website or mobile app, you must try this software.

You can create unlimited fonts and give each font a different look. It makes font creation straightforward: handwrite your font on a piece of paper and import the document.

Once you create your fonts, you can use them using your keyboard.

The complete guide is also available on their website.

The only disadvantage of this tool is it does not have multiple editing options in the free version. Therefore, we suggest you go with the free version first. When you get familiar with the interface, you can move to the premium version.

Price: $8 for one month

7. Glyphr Studio

Glyphr Studio is the most authentic and comes with a minimal web-based user interface. In addition, the tool has significant file support that can help you edit files of multiple formats.

This is the only tool in this list that comes with the option of two-screen mode. So, you can split the tool into two different screens. You can put tools on one screen and edit on the other one.

It also gives you options to use kerning and ligatures, which help you space your fonts more accurately.

You can preview fonts so you can do a quick check-up and necessary adjustments. 

Price: Free

That’s all! You can make custom fonts in Windows for yourself to stand out with a unique identity and level up the content creation.

Have you ever created any custom fonts? Or are you planning to create one? Let us know in the comments below.

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